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Picking a VPS Host for Bug Bounties

So you wanna do bug bounties? Maybe you already are doing bug bounties and you’re starting to notice some fun issues you run into when you conduct these tests from your home network. For instance, ever run sql mapper and get banned from the internet? Yes, that’s correct, certain attack patterns will flag your IP […]

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Building My First 5″ Racing Quad

I finally decided it was time to jump off the deep end with these racing quads and build one of my own. My friendly disclaimer here would be, if you’re New to soldering Never flew FPV before Don’t know what firmware is Can’t handle the thought of literally setting hundreds of dollars on fire Then […]

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StirTrek 2019 – End Game?

Oh man, StirTrek 2019, where do I begin…. I’m really struggling this year. I don’t want this to seem like a hate rant. The people that organize and run StirTrek do an amazing job. The presenters are always well selected and the venue is very nice. I know that there’s going to be some heart […]

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StirTrek 2018 Review

Okay, wow, StirTrek 2018…. A lot to unpack here. We better get started. This was my 6th StirTrek and I can unequivocally say, the best. Not just my best experience, but I’m going to speak for everyone. It was the best. Hands down. The food was great, the venue was great, the speakers were great. […]

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Miner In the Middle

  So not to long ago I read an article that TPB was running a JS miner in visitor’s browsers when they visit to generate some extra cash. I thought it was a pretty novel idea. Why not, I’d rather give up a little CPU power instead of looking at obnoxious ads. Then I got […]

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Vulnhub Stapler VM Walkthrough

Here is another fun VM, this one was created by g0tmilk and I’m happy to say, was a lot of fun. Step 1: Reconnaissance I started with a simple nmap of the target. I always start with top ports and checking if they’re open. The hope here that a light scan will go unnoticed. After […]

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StirTrek 2017 Review

I can’t believe another year has come and gone! This was my fifth year at StirTrek and it was a doozy. This year we had a new venue, a new bussing system, new food, new sponsors, a new ticket price, the list goes on! As always though, there’s some room for growth. In my review […]

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Don’t be a Bargain Bin Product

Look there’s no easy way to say this, so I’m not going to sugar coat it for you. You’re a product. I know people say that all the time but I don’t think people really truly comprehend that. Every year your data is bought and sold millions of times and there’s next to nothing you […]

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New Tool: OBBScan

Hey I know it’s been awhile since I posted. I’ve been spending my free time training up for a new company. I recently came across this great site called Open Bug Bounty which allows you to enter in domains and see if there are any known vulnerabilities for it. Also it will tell you if it’s […]

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Simple SMTP Enumeration Tool

I’m a firm believer in understanding by doing. I wrote this nifty little SMTP enumeration tool and I wanted to share it. -> smtpenum /path/to/user_wordlist <target ip> <target port> That’s it, profit 🙂 Download Here    

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PWK Review

Well it’s been a solid 60 days of everything PWK. I’ve buffer overflowed, injected and weeped at my desk at 3am. #Complete I’m happy to say that this was a EXTREMELY educational experience. It was painful, but educational. So here’s the breakdown of how it went. My background: One thing that I did, like many […]

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OSCP – Half Way Point Checkin

Well I know it’s been a few weeks since my last post and I just wanted to provide an update. Since my last post, I have begun my Offensive Security PWK Course and I’m burning right through it. Currently I’m 3 weeks into the course and I’m planning on wrapping the book up in a […]

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Stir Trek 2016!

Just as fast as it came, it is over again… I can’t believe Stir Trek is done. Stir Trek is by far one of my favorite conferences each year. This was my fourth year attending. It’s packed with great sessions, it’s cheap, and you get a free movie at the end! What else more could you […]

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Evil Genius Series – Section 2

Section #2 – Resist If You Must Understanding what resistance is, is just as fundamental as understanding what voltage and current are. In fact, they are all related! Reference Ohms Law It’s hard to mention resistance without mentioning Ohms Law, which is why it astonished me that this section doesn’t even reference it once…. Voltage […]

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Evil Genius Series – Section 1

Electronic Circuits For The Evil Genius   After having worked with Arduino and Raspberry Pi for the last few years, I have decided to step my game up and start working with raw electronics. What better way to learn than to blog about it as I go through this book I picked up! The disclaimer […]

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Comfort Zones Are Killing You

I don’t think anyone is immune to it. It’s a not so silent killer. I suffered from it like many people do. Its ugly name? Comfort Zone-itis. Catch it and be doomed to phrases like “I hate that new technology X” and “Why learn language Y when I can do it in C”. For me […]

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What do you NEED?

I am one of the fortunate sons in our field. I was lucky and ended up at a software company in North East Ohio that is one of the best in the world. With year over year growth and a very progressive culture, there is something that our company is doing right. With well over […]

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Is it done yet? Fail To Plan…

One of the common problems many developers have, regardless if they are working on a personal project, working on a team or even working in the enterprise environment, is answering the question “When is it done?” If you have spent more than a day around anyone in this field you are likely to have heard […]