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Professional .NET Dev

Hobbyist Hardware Dev

Raspberry Pi Fanatic











I’m skilled in the following:

  • F#
  • WPF – C# / XAML
  • HTML / CSS / JavaScript / PHP
  • Java
  • Linux – Kali



In the past I have published over 50 Windows Phone apps. A few Git Hub Libs. Some free 3D STLs and a hackaday post 🙂

Stir Trek Universal – The UWP App

My UWP Framework Library

Alohomora – A Public Data Recon Tool



I also have spent the last few years teaching youth CIS in my free time.

Classes I have instructed:

  • Hyland Tech Club [2 years] (middle school and high school)
  • Hour of Code [1 month] (middle school)
  • Girls Who Code [4 months] (k-12)
  • Techie Corps [1 year] (elementary school)



I have spoken at a number of conferences on


  • Arduino IoT
  • Windows Phone
  • Windows Development
  • Information Security



I love going to conferences and every year I have a few that I make sure to attend.

  • StirTrek
  • M3Conference
  • DefCon
  • Derby Con