Well I have finally pulled the trigger. I’ve decided that I am ready to start moving toward the security side of things. I think this is a natural step for me given how interested I am in 1. security and 2. breaking things to see how they work.

I’m excited to finally start on the security path. I have been heading in this direction for the last few years. Like many, I wasn’t completely hooked until I made my first trip to DEFCon a couple years back. Like making a trip to the mecca, DEFCon I believe changed my life.

Though I knew this was a path I wanted to walk, I knew I needed more experience as an Engineer first. So I quietly waited. I continued to hone my craft as a .NET developer. day and night I worked on WPF projects, Windows Phone, Android, Arduino Projects and more. Every project made me stronger. Every language I learned leveled me up a little more.

I also started giving back to children a lot. This is where I honed my web skills. As a side effect of teaching kids web development in my free time, I became a pro at HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. The fundamentals of the web are fundamental in breaking the web.

To help guide me on my way I’ve picked up a few books that I will be periodically reviewing as I go through them.



I’ve picked these books not just because Amazon told me to but also because they seemed to be the most well known in the security community. The ultimate goal for me here is to prepare myself to take the Offensive Security Penetration Certification exam at the end of the year. Why you ask? Well, because I’m a nerd and like everyone else I think hacking is sexy.

If you’re interested in taking this journey with me or have already done it please feel free to shoot me a message on the tweeter or right here. I’ll try and get back to everyone as comments roll in.

Keep checking back for more information on my progress. I will be posting about it weekly with another post to follow this one shortly. So far I’ve got my VM’s setup and I’ve moved through the first few chapters of each book (painfully might I add).


Stay tuned….



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