Well I know it’s been a few weeks since my last post and I just wanted to provide an update. Since my last post, I have begun my Offensive Security PWK Course and I’m burning right through it.

Currently I’m 3 weeks into the course and I’m planning on wrapping the book up in a few days. For those of you preparing to take the PWK course and are curious what my study pace has been:

MON, TUES, THURS – Work 8 hrs, go to gym for an hour, study 4 hours.

WED – Work 8 hrs, have dinner with bit.ly, study 3 hours.

This gives me the ability to study 15 hours a week which means that I have invested about 45 hours into the book and videos. Now, to be clear, I’m NOT rushing. I’m making sure that I take excellent notes, complete every exercise fully and also insure that I understand each topic. Even if it means repeating the chapter multiple times. I anticipate a total investment of about 60-70 hours in the book.

My goal is to finish the book by the 28th of November because my lab ends on the 28th of December. This will give me 30 days of pure lab time. I also plan on taking off most of December from work so I can focus on my studies. This is going to mean that for about 3 weeks I will have 40 or so hours a week of lab time.

As for the difficulty of the course so far I’d say, at least for the book portion, it’s pretty low impact. They do expect you to have some prior knowledge, which I will cover in a later post about preparing for the course, but it’s not to bad. I will say that if you’re planning on taking this course and you don’t know how to code, GO LEARN…. START NOW… My ability to code unquestionably has made this course a bit easier.

I probably won’t post another update until mid-late December. So if you have any questions hit me up on the tweeter.


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