So it turns out that my raspberry pi webserver wasn’t as invulnerable to software upgrades as it was to hackers…

This past February, after having been up and running for almost 5 years. Having survived a switch from a hand rolled soup to nuts blog to WordPress AND surviving a switch from a Raspberry Pi A to a Raspberry Pi 2 B+, upgrading my php install finally killed my server.

That’s right, one day I logged in to find my wordpress install complaining about my php version. I attempted to do the upgrade and it embarrassingly killed all the things. Thankfully I was able to salvage a few years worth of posts but all of 2018 and 2019 are gone including my drone tutorials 😭

Not to worry. Things are back up and running now and I’m going to try and start pumping out new content every week or two.

I’m happy to be back in business and I look forward to a new start!

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